Tampa Girl First Label




Original label design presented by George Schlegel, Lithography, Co. in 1921. The design presented a young lady sitting in a portrait interlay with a view of the Havana Bay as a background, with sail boats, and with the name of the "Tampa Girl" on the top and the manufacturers on the lower side. The label was in used until late1932. At the time the cigars were hand made.


Tampa Girl Second Label





























This second label was created to replaced the original, one on top in early 1933 for then the Antonio Company. At this time the cigars were made by machines, and under a new company name. The design is basically the same except that is simpler and in this view of the Havana Harbor the steamer is replacing the sail boats of the original. The label was also created by George Schlegel, Lithography, Co.


Factory Building

The photo dated 1920 is the small Morgan building located at 2802 North Howard Avenue & St. Louis Street in West Tampa. And former home of Gonzalez Habano Cigar Company in their beginnings and during the production of the "Tampa Girl" cigars. L. Golovine Havana Cigars was the New York distributor of the brand name. Today this is one of the 24 cigars factories buildings that still in use, as office facility in Tampa.

Factory Galley

This photo is from the galley of Gonzalez Habano Company circa 1951, in the second floor of the building above. With a view of the cigar makers and the foreman Mr. Anselmo Serrano (standing center back).





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